About Us

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About Us

Berfex Group is the company which meet your products in the product range to all countries in the world.Our primary aim is that  provide to be delivered your products to targeted companies in the the targeted countries as making market analysis for international markets, be introduced your product by attending exhibitions and social media activities.

Our Mission & Vision

We protect the benefits of our manufacturer and supplier companies, would like to be the leader of our sector as giving high quality services. Also, we aim to be one of the most confidential companies in our scope as working in accordance with  obeying the laws

Our Principles

  • We primarly protect benefits of our clients.
  • We believe in the power of communication. So, open to communication.
  • We believe in team work. So, always working with experienced and expert teammates.
  • We  take strength from confidence against us.
  • We  obey  the  laws, studiously  and don’t make consessions to then, certainly.
  • We  work  with the componies which  obey  the laws, studiously.